Drag Queens of London - London Live

Adam De Silva - Friday, March 28, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the campaign image for the new TV show Drag Queens of London.

A few weeks back on a rainy Friday evening whilst travelling back from a long day shopping for furniture to go in the new studio, I received an exciting call from Thom at Ian Johnson Publicity,

Thom had been tasked with commissioning the campaign press shots to promote a new TV show, ‘Drag Queens of London’.  Thom explained, “Imagine ‘Made In Chelsea’ but with Drag Queens”.  As soon as I heard the words “shooting…Drag Queens…outrageous…fun” I was immediately keen to get involved.

“Are you free Monday at all? It’s the only day we are going to be able to shoot it as they are filming the shows trailer, so all the characters will be there”. 

I was free & knew we could easily turn it around in the few days lead we had, so with a huge grin and lots of giddy school boy enthusiasm I responded “Yep lets do it, sounds awesome.”

That weekend Thom & I exchanged various emails and visual references until we nailed down a concept that we felt really suited the show.  Once this was settled I got on the phone to sort the production side of things.

Soon enough Monday was upon us and we arrived at the location the production company had sorted for us, right in the beating heart of Soho, ‘The Shadow Lounge’.

Once we learnt how to switch off the light-up dance floor, flagged the giant disco ball & mirrored ceiling, got the lights in place, set up the digi kit & took the lens cap off, we were all good to go and one by one the glamorous Drags started heading over.

I have to say that I don’t think I have ever walked away from a shoot with so many golden quotes, although, “You’ll let me know if my c**k pops out won’t you love?” was possibly my favourite.

Each of the Queens we shot were brilliant in so many ways, it made my job of capturing them even more interesting as I wanted to ensure I encapsulated each of their personas in a way that when grouped together they all stood out individually to the viewer.  Each of them brought completely contrasting characters that were both incredibly entertaining and somewhat mesmerising.

Big thanks must go to Thom & Ian from Ian Johnson Publicity, who are not only brilliant & creative professionals to work with but are great fun too.  My assistant Phil, who was & continues to be great at anticipating my every move.  Last but not least, Sophie my retoucher who put the polish (and then some) on the shots, & created exactly what I wanted effortlessly!!

Also a big shout out must go to Chris at 123 Lighting for the quick response on the weekend, and on time delivery of some awesome Profoto gear. Really looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Finally a huge thanks to all the glamorous, hilarious, charming, straight-talking, professional & incredibly talented Drag Queens of London that were involved in helping create a great set of shots; The Very Miss Dusty 'O', Meth, Lady Lloyd, Munroe Bergdorf, Silver Summers, Baga Chipz, Vanity Von Glow, Rosie Beaver, Vicki Vivacious

The show goes live on the 22nd April at 10pm on the new entertainment channel, London Live. From what I’ve heard and seen it’s going to be a make up fuelled corker!