J&B Whisky - Sounds of the City

Adam De Silva - Thursday, June 07, 2012

Not so long ago myself and a good friend of mine and fellow snapper Patch Dolan, got one of those rare dreamy calls to shoot a video job for J&B Whisky. The rare dreamy part....the brief! 

'We want you to go around the world visiting major cities and spending a day in them to capture video clips of the sounds of the cities'....SA-WEET!! 

The videos we captured would then be edited by DJ's to make music tracks.  

We immediately split it up into manageable chunks for us both, with Patch taking South America and me with Europe & Asia.

Clothes, showers and sleep took a back seat for 2 weeks to make room for camera kit and adrenaline, as we were often only in some of the cities for a max of 12 hours. This meant we had to land, get out of the airport and immediately get shooting. It was a great way to see parts of the world, but also took a hell of a lot of concentration and organisation as we not only had to get to the heart of a city we had never been to before and capture it, but we also had to take exact geographical co-ordinates...whilst of course making sure that everything we filmed had a recognisable sound.... I BLOODY LOVED IT!

Was a great job to be part of and super fun...if not at times a little sketchy and testing...but hey thats the fun of it!! 

Big thanks to Lee, Geraldine and Gee at RPM Ltd for doing the production and logistics on such a big job.

Check out the video's here: J&B Sounds of the City