Katie Readman – Leading Lady

Adam De Silva - Thursday, October 03, 2013

I recently shot the lovely Katie Readman for ‘The Gentleman’s Journal’ a brilliant & stylish men’s magazine.

It was one of those brilliant and intense last minute jobs in which I got the call up at 8pm to see if I was keen, and we were scheduled to be on set & good to go at 9am the next morning.

After, a late night of packing kit, sourcing an assistant & pulling together a style & inspiration sheet we were good to go.

We were shooting in Ed’s Easy Diner in Soho, which was styled brilliantly to go with the 50’s American theme of the piece, but was also a rather tight space of about 3 metres wide and full of tables…not ideal but also not a problem. As I was told when first starting out all those years ago, ‘There is no such thing as bad light or no space, that’s just no imagination or technical ability’.

Katie from Models One’s special bookings was brilliant & a true professional, having just stepped off a plane from LA, one would think that jetlag may have been on the horizon, but she was more bright eyed and fresh faced than I would have been after whole week of sleep. Not only was she ace & stunning in front of the camera, she was also truly charming & a pleasure to work with.

So that was that, outfit hair & makeup all set, we got the diner to whip us up some legendary shakes & vintage style coca cola bottles & went to work, shooting on both digital & some Impossible Project Polaroid.  We were wrapped, packed & out of there by 10:30 with a lovely set of shots. Not bad if I say so myself.

Big thanks must go to all the gang at ‘The Gents Journal’. Katie, for looking & generally being great. Phill Bradley who assisted & made my day a hell of a lot easier. Daisy Knights for the awesome jewellery, & Beautiful Bottoms for the lovely garments. Last but not least my awesome retoucher, Sophie Lawes.

The autumn issue came out today, so do go check it out.