Ohhhhh!!! New Folio

Adam De Silva - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Earlier this week, I was like an excitable teenager, when I got to head into Clerkenwell to pick up my brand spanking new Folio that had been lovingly made by the incredibly talented and bloody lovely Cathy Roberts (http://www.cathyrobert.com/) and her brilliant ‘Delta Design’ team.


I always love sticking new work into a folio…however, let me tell you that going down to Cathy’s studio was worlds apart from how I normally feel when I bosh a few new prints out….WOW!! What they made in there is a thing of beauty (the folio in case you were wondering) and exactly to the specifications & design that I gave Cathy two weeks ago.


I didn’t just get the folio, but got the full works of the slip case in inverted colours & the matching iPad case and filled it full of lots of new work.  I also went out of my comfort zone for this project & went for some double-sided prints so that I could get away from those horrible shiny plastic sleeves that have acted as barriers for my work in the past. For anyone who has never done double sided printing before its a long, confusing and painstaking process, but the end product looks beautiful. But really when has beauty been easy to make, my parents had to have two attempts before they made me :D

So if you want to see this little pride and joy that is now home to my work and have a chat, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.