Paris baby!

Adam De Silva - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So I am writing this post as I edge ever closer to the tunnel ‘under the sea’(I can't ever say this phrase without putting on voice of the crab from the Little Mermaid) back to London, as I have been away on a shoot. The Eurostar truly is a great thing and makes getting to Paris easier than visiting my family up north.

I really do wish I could share with you about the job, and also tell you who it was for…but alas NDA’s have been signed and I’m not a kiss and tell kind of guy.

What I can tell you is that it was the first 2 days of a sweet ass commission shooting right in the centre of Paris for a big travel company.

I always love heading to Paris & especially when we get to stay in such swanky digs as we got put up in…although I do think a pillow menu is a little excessive

…Although I must shamefully admit that the bamboo pillow did work wonders on my neck and had tremendous 'cooling properties as described' *hangs head in shame*

Another highlight was when we wrapped day 1 on set the words that left the clients mouth were “shall we head back to the hotel and sign the shots off over a drink on the roof terrace”….WIN!!

Day two was equally fun and started with seeing a ‘crazy puppy salesman’ who had decided to set up shop just outside the entrance to the metro station, just in case any early morning commuters fancied splashing out on a little ball of fur on the way to work…or missed breakfast and was feeling the need for hot dog…*hangs head in shame again

So yeah sorry I can’t share any more about the job, but I felt the need to kill sometime and fill you all in on my goings on

I’ll leave you with the view I had as I stuffed my ENGLISH breakfast into my mouth this morning :D

See you soon London! 

& see you a few times over the next two weeks Paris you pastry filled beauty x